Primary Choir

Thank you to our students who participated in Jack Mackenzie School's first Primary Choir!  Your performance at our Celebration of Learning on March 15 was a big success!  You received many compliments from parents and teachers on your beautiful singing tone and dancing.  Way to go!!

Cougars Choir

Congratulations Gr. 7/8 choir students!  You did a wonderful job leading the National Anthem at the USports Women's National Basketball Championships at the University of Regina on March 8.  Go Cougars Choir!!

Jack Mackenzie Christmas Concert

Our Christmas Concert performances this year will be at 1:00 and 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 21.  Ticket information will be posted soon.  The students are doing so well already!  I can't wait to share their beautiful singing and fancy moves! Here is the costume information: Kindergarten:  beach/summer clothes Ms. Seifert's Grade 1:  beach clothes Grade 1/2, 2, and 2/3:  one-piece pyjamas (onezies) Gr. 3 and 4:  fancy clothes for a holiday party Gr. 4/5:  nice school clothes  Gr. 5, 5/6, 6:  fancy clothes for a holiday party Gr. 7/8:  beach clothes I will post some pictures soon for those who want to see examples.   Thanks, Mrs. Reschny Arts Education Teacher

Choir News

Our choir sang beautifully in 3-part harmony at Remembrance Day!  Quite an accomplishment for an elementary school choir!  Special thanks to Isaac Derr, a very talented Gr. 8 student, for accompanying us on the piano!  After Remembrance Day, the choir started learning new songs for our December performances.  Here are the performance dates: Tuesday, December 5 from 7:15-8:00 p.m:  Rotary Carol Festival at Knox Metropolitan Church. Our performance time is actually 7:42, however students should plan to arrive at 7:15, wearing black bottoms and white tops.  This performance will be broadcast by Access Communications Cable Television. Tuesday, December 12 from 1:30-2:00 p.m:  Caroling at Mr. Mackenzie's home, College Park 1 Retirement Residence.  Students should wear black bottoms and Jack Mackenzie spirit wear.  If they do not have this, they can wear white tops.  See my next post for concert information.  Thanks:)

Learn Thriller Dance -- Part 38 of 40 clips


Senior Choir

Yesterday our Senior Choir began preparations for Remembrance Day.  This year we will sing "Flying Free" by Don Besig.  Choir members can access their practice videos on YouTube by going to my channel.  Search "Alicia Reschny" and click on the playlist.  Choose the soprano video for "Flying Free" if you are in Gr. 5/6.  Gr. 7/8 students should choose the alto video.  As always, check with your parents before going on YouTube.  Happy practicing:)

Birthday Preparation

We are all getting very excited about celebrating Mr. Mackenzie's birthday on Tuesday, October 3.  Thank you to the SLC for providing each class with that beautiful book.  We are looking forward to the pancake breakfast you are planning too!  The kids have also been busy planning and practicing musical and dance presentations for Mr. Mackenzie's birthday assembly at 9am in the gym.  Please join us to celebrate on Tuesday if you are able!